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The Best Flooring Options For Your Pets

Whether you are renovating or building your dream house, choosing the right flooring is essential. And it becomes more critical if you have you have a pooch or two.

Best Flooring Options For Your Pets

Pick the best flooring for me! Woof Woof…

After all, you could never imagine banning them inside the house or getting rid of your pets just to preserve your newly installed flooring, right?

But, let’s face it. Your four-legged buddy will undoubtedly cause more wear and tear, stains, scratches dirt on your flooring over time.


There are plenty of choices in flooring for pet parents! Here are some of them:

Laminate Flooring

Hardwoods are is a go-to flooring option because of its classic and clean look. However, it is not always the best option for those who have pets.

So, what do you do?

Go with laminate.

Laminate flooring looks quite similar to hardwood flooring, plus it is much easier to clean up after your pets. Although it may be durable and hard, laminate flooring can be quite slippery so you might want to take caution. Choosing a high gloss, smooth laminate floor can greatly reduce your pet’s traction and cause them to slip every now and then.

In this case, it is best to select choices with embossed or textured finish in order to reduce the chances of slipping or you can add an area rug pad over the laminate flooring in order to provide extra traction for your pet.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is an ideal flooring choice for most pet parents. In comparison with other flooring materials, vinyl is extremely affordable and can be installed just about anywhere in your home. Plus it also offers a great traction for your pets and can resist dents and scratches from your furry buddy!

Stone Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is extremely tough and scratch resistant making them a great option for homeowners with rambunctious pets. Also, they are very easy to clean, in case your four-legged buddy has an accident.

Most tile materials are scratch-resistant, however, more porous and softer stones such as marble need more treatment and maintenance. Tile can be a little cold, especially here in Vegas. So, in order to add warmth and comfort for your pooch and feline, you can add an area rug or a pet bed so that your buddy can have a cozy place to relax.

Bamboo Flooring

Of all the wood flooring options, wood is one of the most popular and best flooring choices for fidos and other pets. Its natural hardness and toughness makes it more scratch and stain resistant than standard hardwood floors.

A favorite for durability and sustainability, bamboo is a great choice for someone who is torn between hardwood and vinyl flooring.

Cork Flooring

Quite similar to bamboo flooring, cork flooring is a natural antimicrobial and eco-friendly material which can help reduce the growth of molds and other allergens— which benefits both you and your furry pal!

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