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Tile Flooring Trends 2018: 6 Modern Tile Flooring Ideas

Stylish, durable, and unique tile floors have been at the lead of flooring trends.

For so many years, tile was used as an affordable alternative to natural stone and was a staple in bathrooms, kitchens, and other water sensitive flooring materials.

Who would have thought that ceramic and porcelain tile would now rival the traditional, warm-looking hardwood floors?

Over the last few years, tile has totally caught the eyes of homeowners and replicates the hottest wood look.

It also helps having new textures added in order to provide the most convincing feel.


For 2018, here are the hottest and latest tile flooring trends you should watch out for.


1. Marble-Looking Tile Flooring

Marble-Looking Tile Flooring


Elegant, clean, and bright marble floors have always been one of the hottest styles in the flooring market.

But the sad news is that not all people can afford the price tag that comes with marble flooring.

Not to worry though.

Manufacturers of ceramic tile have now mastered the marble look with more durability, less porous and more affordable materials.


These marble-looking tile floors are particularly trendy in bathrooms and will make yours look like a very fancy bathroom.


2. Wood-Looking Tile Flooring


Wood-Looking Tile Flooring


Ceramic tile flooring is usually associated with natural stone.

As you can see, this type of tile material has mastered the art of disguise since the beginning.

And now, ceramic tiles are copying hardwood and wood clones such as distressed, hand scraped, and wire brushed.

Looking quite similar, you might mistake them as the real deal.


This textured wood look-alike tile floor can make your home appear warm, luxurious, and contemporary.

And by choosing a tile that is extremely durable over some finicky wood can offer you an elegant look with minimal maintenance and worry.

3. Metallic Tile Flooring

Metallic Tile FlooringThe metallic tiles are growing in popularity and they actually look great as accent walls in bathroom floors.

Metallic tile makes your home stand out and follows the theme of new technologies in order to create the styles and looks that were once impossible.

4. Fabric-Look Tile Flooring



Love carpet? Well, the subtle and soft textures of silk and linen have been replicated with the addition of offering a long-lasting, dependable flooring.

You get the easy cleanup and maintenance of tile, but will also receive the cozy-linen look or expensive feel of silk.


5. Hexagon

Hexagon-Tile Flooring


This is probably the busiest  pattern of tile available.

Although most experts would recommend avoiding “busy” tiles, these hexagon tiles are extremely pretty yet are stylish and non-traditional.

Hexagon-tiles were very popular in the early 20th century, but now we see a comeback of this style in a niche market.


 6. Chevron And Herringbone 


Chevron And Herringbone Tile Flooring


Chevron and Herringbone Tile Floors are very much similar but they have their own distinction.

Chevron needs flooring to be angled and come together at a certain point. Herringbone, on the other hand, achieves the same look by connecting 2 planks at a 90° angle.


For most homeowners, herringbone is much accessible than the other.

However, chevron tile flooring can help you achieve amazing look without spending extra money on installation and materials.

best flooring options

5 Best Flooring Options for a Floor Makeover


Your home will never be complete without a nicely done floor. And with the right flooring material, you will notice a huge difference on your home’s aesthetics and feel. However, choosing the right surface for your flooring is not just about the looks and designs. You also need to consider installation service and of course, its durability.

While ceramic tiles, wall-to-wall carpets, and hardwoods are really eye-catching, they can also be fairly expensive. So instead, most homeowners are now investing in more inexpensive choices of flooring like carpet, tile, cork or bamboo floors, peel-and-stick vinyl, laminate flooring and luxury vinyl planks. These flooring materials offer a $4 for every square foot mark with others that cost less than $2 per square foot.

Not only that, these types of flooring materials also come with a variety of finishes, colors and patterns that blend perfectly to your home. Some of the most important factors you need to consider are installation options, water resistance, and durability.

Here are the 5 best flooring options for your home’s floor makeover:


  1. Best Overall: Mohawk Industries Carnivalle Northern Maple 3 7mm Laminate Flooring


It is hard to beat the wide variety of looks and affordability of laminate flooring. Particularly, wood-look laminate seems to offer a polished, classy look at a cheap price. Our top choice for inexpensive laminate flooring is Mohawk’s Carnivalle Northern Maple 3 7mm Laminate Flooring.

This flooring can be installed over wood or concrete subfloors and installation is really simple. This product from Mohawk Industries are of high-quality with the lack of chemical odor.

In general, laminate flooring are not waterproof. However, this 7mm laminate flooring is waxed to be water-repellent. It’s fairly resistant to water which can suffer small damages as long as water spills are immediately wiped. The floor edges are at risk to water damage, however; you can apply a small amount of silicone in order to seal the seam along the baseboards and stop water from entering.

Mohawk Flooring’s Carnivalle Northern Maple 3 7mm Laminate Flooring really stands out thanks to its quality and classic look. Easily upgrade your home with expensive-looking flooring at a cheap price.

Mohawk Industries Carnivalle Northern Maple


  1. Best Engineered Hardwood Planks: Mohawk Industries Oakland 5” Oak Oxford 52 Hardwood Flooring


Solid hardwood are a classic and look great in the home. The most common type of hardwood available nowadays are engineered hardwood flooring. These planks are made of a thin top layer of hardwood that is bonded with other layers which are specifically designed to prevent shifting of floor during contraction and expansion cycles.

The best engineered hardwood planks for us is the Oakland 5” Oak Oxford 52. This 0.375 inches thick and 5 inches wide engineered hardwood plank will add a cabin-like flooring that is rustic and elegant at the same time. Its installation type is quite easy through floating or glue down. This hardwood plank is made from oak tree with a nail down and staple smooth surface for a beautiful finish.


 Oakland 5” Oak Oxford 52


  1. Most Sophisticated Tile Flooring: Mohawk Industries Gravura White Mountain Tiles


If you are not into wood planks, ceramic tiles would be your best pick. You can spend little or a lot on sophisticated flooring, but the Gravura White Mountain Tiles from Mohawk Industries can offer you high-class look for less.

Light-colored tiles makes the room look larger, while dark tiles add warmth and cozy feelings. Combining both and you will have a comfy yet sophisticated look for your home. Mohawk’s Gravura White Mountain Tiles, in particular, offers a mosaic pattern that ultimately attracts the eye. It is made from glazed porcelain material which ensures slip resistance and maintains its beautiful shine. Not only that, this tile flooring offers the advantage of looking like a stone tile which boast luxury and high quality.

This sophisticated tile is not only for floor installation, but it can also be installed in your home’s walls. The Mohawk Flooring’s Gravura White Mountain Tile offers you a fabulous, 2-in-1 tile look with the price of one— a sure win for your home’s floor makeover.

Gravura White Mountain Tiles


  1. Best Carpet Flooring: Mohawk Industries Woven Block Basketry 731 Carpet Flooring


A good-quality carpet makes any floor from workable to homely. It easily changes a certain space by softening the room’s look and helps absorb noise for a quiet, cozy environment. If you are looking for a versatile carpet flooring that can be used for outdoors or indoors and can be easily replaced in case of a pet accident or unresolvable stain, then the Mohawk Flooring’s Woven Block Basketry 731Carpet Flooring is your best bet.

This carpet flooring is 0.23mm thick and features nylon material. Nylon is a man-made fiber material that is wear-resistant (stain and soil resistant). The woven block basketry 731 Carpet flooring, in particular, offers a nice blend of hues and patterns that requires less maintenance than other carpet materials.

Mohawk Flooring’s Woven Block Basketry 731Carpet Flooring can be easily installed and they can be used in front porches, garages, dining rooms, living rooms, and many other spaces.


Woven Block Basketry 731


  1. Best Water-Resistant Flooring: Mohawk Industries Evanson Rustic Winchester Oak 6 Laminate Flooring


The most inexpensive laminate flooring options are typically weak when it comes to moisture and water. The Evanson Rustic Winchester Oak 6 Laminate Flooring from Mohawk Industries, however, is an exception.

This laminate flooring is 8mm thick, unlike traditional 7mm thick board. It has a special technology design that resist damage from water spills. This is a great feature for any family with little kids that experience frequent water spills. This water-resistant laminate flooring can be perfectly installed in laundry rooms, bathrooms and kitchen.

The Evanson Rustic Winchester Oak 6 Laminate Flooring can be a bit more pricey than other flooring materials, but you can’t really ignore its helpful water-resistant feature. You will surely love the rustic look of this thick laminated flooring and its high resistance to water will surely give you a peace of mind.

Evanson Rustic Winchester Oak 6


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