Discount Hardwood Flooring

Discount Hardwood Flooring

Get Your Discount Hardwood Flooring at Best Buy Flooring Center

What makes a classic? Is it a timeless appeal, a constant quality or can it be the capacity to transcend fads and preserve its own character? . For wood floors, the answer is all three. The beauty of wood flooring is as varied as the trees it is derived from, a true abundance of colors and patterns could be relied on to add pop to some interior design plan. Best Buy Flooring Center provides a beautiful selection of reduction hardwood with rich burls, lush grain patterns, and colors which range from the palest champagne to the darkest ebony.

The possibilities start with your imagination! Best Buy Flooring Center features a wide choice of discounted domestic and exotic hardwoods. Both varieties are perennial favorites, from the common and beloved white oak to the extremely generally desired mahogany and teak. We include both quality and grade options. A good hardwood flooring board, as the name suggests, is made by one piece of timber, whereas engineered flooring is made up of layers. The upper layer will be visible during installation, whereas the lower layers provide stability. Another excellent thing about hardwood flooring is the wide variety of installation options. Many of our hardwoods feature tongue and groove structure, while others click together like our vinyl or laminate plank flooring.

Same simple installation, same great discounts! There is no need to shy away from timber in houses where scratching and impact harm is a concern. Contemporary hardwood floors are protected polyurethane coating or by an aluminum oxide to prevent damage.


What is the Best Option For You?

The two most key elements in picking a timber species are force and aesthetics. In case your flooring is going to be installed in a high traffic area, it is sensible look at selections known for their longevity. The Janka hardness scale is the business standard, it is readily accessible for consultation and supplies a concise, easy to comprehend measurement. After slimming down the choices based on what you want, then you may move onto getting the flooring look that you’re after. Different hardwood species from all around the world showcase the real spectrum of character diversity, providing a massive selection of colors, grain patterns, and contrast levels between the grain and the timber itself. We pride ourselves on offering our clients an unparalleled selection of hardwood species and styles to ensure the ideal discount flooring suit for everyone.

All hardwood is measured using the Janka Hardness Scale to determine its density and strength. The pressure it requires to imbed a steel ball 50% of its own diameter deep into a period of timber provides the Janka rating. Pine is among the most common sources of North American timber and merits a 650 on the Janka scale. It may make a totally spectacular floor, especially for all people in search of a quaint, rustic look, but its softer constitution makes it more vulnerable to dents and scratches.
Oak is known for being the hardest domestic wood available available on the market to this day. Red Oak is regarded as the benchmark for ordinary hardness at a timber floor and conveys a 1200 Janka rating, although its cousin White Oak conveys a Janka rating of 1350. Both Red and White Oak hardwoods make classic, elegant flooring that may last for several years to come.

What’s Discount Hardwood Flooring Installed? 
• Nailing
• Stapling
• Gluing
• Floating Without Adhesive
• Click Together

No matter if you’re an experienced do-it-yourselfer or a home repairs specialist, there’s a discount wood flooring design available to fit your comfort level!

Discount Hardwood Flooring and the Environment 

As global citizens, it is our liability to take an active interest in preserving our natural resources. That’s why we only purchase and market wood flooring that meets the high standards set out by the Lacey Act of 1900, a landmark piece of environmental legislation that has been amended within the past one hundred years to reflect the changing times. Under this law, it is “illegal to import, export, market, acquire, or purchase fish, wildlife or plants that are taken, possessed, transported, or sold: 1) in violation of U.S. or Indian law(or two) in interstate or foreign commerce involving any fish, wildlife, or plants taken possessed or sold in violation of State or foreign law.” Exactly like we don’t take any shortcuts with regards to discount prices we don’t take any shortcuts with regards to sustainable flooring.
The vast majority of our timber is grown and manufactured right here in the united states and rigorously conforms to the Lacey Act. The limited percentage that orginates from China comes from non-endangered, non threatened trees (birch) and also respects these specifications. All foregin materials are measured against the same criteria as their equal. Whenever you purchase discount wood flooring from Best Buy Flooring Center your environmental conscience can rest easy knowing you support safe, renewable sources.


Selecting the right Discount Hardwood Flooring For You

Both kinds of discount floors confers a different set of advantages to your home. Strong hardwood floors are the only type of flooring available on the market to this day which are actually proven to increase a home’s selling price. Why? . Since strong hardwood flooring can, with appropriate care and upkeep, last for a generation or more. It is the only flooring material which can be re finished. All it can take is some sanding, the stain colour of your choice, and then sew. This kind of discount hardwood floors can be installed on wooden floors and must always be installed above the grade to prevent complications in humidity, moisture, and temperature fluctuations.
Since its additional layers provide additional robustness at its construction, engineered hardwood floors is much more versatile than strong with regards to where it may be set up. Additionally, it tends to be lower. Frequently engineered wood flooring will also be stronger and less responsive to the environment, therefore climatic factors like humidity and moisture will present fewer issues. Engineered hardwood flooring can be installed on concrete, and may also be installed on, above or below the grade.

Both engineered and solid hardwood floors can be found in a broad array of finish options. A hand scraped surface offers a characterful rustic look, while nothing says a timeless beauty such as a smooth end. No matter what is your taste, the trained specialists Best Buy Flooring Center will be standing by to assist you to choose your dream discount hardwood floors.


Removing Carpet and Restoring Hardwood Floors

Carpets and wood floors can vastly improve the appearance of your house. But what if they are in poor condition? It will diminish the house’s value, making it look… well, you know.

Because that’s not the way you want it, you have two options:

1. Restore them to their former glory.

2. Replace them entirely.

In either case, you don’t need to overhaul your house nor spend a fortune, here’s how you can replace old carpeting and restore old hardwood floors:

Changing Old Carpeting

Instead of wasting your time and money on restoring old carpets with less than optimal results, it might be time to just change them.

Enjoy the freshness of new carpet without all the former irritations. Start a new chapter! No funny smells, stains, or wear and tear. Just plain comfort.

Throw away your old carpet and replace it with a new one with the following simple steps:


5 Simple Steps to Remove Old Carpeting:

1. If the room has any tack strips remove them all. Using a utility knife start cutting the top of the tack strips to avoid peeling the paint off the wall.

2. Use a hammer or a screwdriver to pull off the tack strips. Be delicate when you do this especially if you’re planning to use those baseboards again.

Pro Tip: Remove all heavy objects such as furniture from the room. Safety comes first.

3. Start by peeling off the carpet from the corner. Fold the carpet, roll it up and remove it.

4. Remove the carpet padding. It will be glued to the floor or stapled to the area. If it is stapled, use a screwdriver to remove the remaining staples.

5. Carefully remove the reminders of the tack strips with a hammer or a screwdriver. You might need a crowbar to use as a lever to take off stubborn, old tack strips.

Is it really necessary to remove old carpeting?

Before tearing down your old carpet, ensure that they’re out of order. Nothing is more wasteful than removing neglected carpets that just need some love.

6 Signs of Must-Replace Carpets

  • Stubborn Stains: Carpet cleaners can remove the toughest stains. However, if you have stubborn stains that you use furniture to hide, you might want to remove and replace the carpet. At that point, it’s not merely for an attractive appearance but for health reasons as well.
  • Extreme wear and tear: You can fix small tears and rips or hire a professional carpet cleaner to do it. However, large rips and tears are a major sign that you need to replace your carpet.
  • Offensive smell: If your carpet has a strong odor that doesn’t go with washing and cleaning, this is a good sign you need to replace it. Odors like that may indicate a severe problem such as mold and mildew growth.
  • Poor condition of carpet padding: Padding is the backbone of the carpet. Without it, the carpet is just a thin layer of fabric. If the padding is severely damaged, you need to replace the carpet ASAP.
  • Difficulty in breathing: Carpets act like a filter that capture and hold harmful particles from the air. If you notice an increase in allergic symptoms, it may be because of an overloaded carpet.
  • It is just plain old: Carpets can last up to 10 years and some more with good care. Eventually, you’ll need to replace them.

If you see any of these signs or a combination of them, proceed with removing and replace your carpeting. Again, not only for “curb appeal,” but also for your health.

Refinishing Hardwood Floors

You can see the visible difference between a worn wood floor and a shiny one.

Fortunately, you can restore hardwood floors to excellent condition by following these steps:

  1. You can remove small stains by scrubbing the floor with mild soap solution and water. The first step will help remove little discolorations, stains, or paint on the floor.
  2. Sweep and vacuum the target area to remove any debris and dust. Afterward, use a vinegar solution in mopping the area, letting it dry for a while. Ensure that no water or moisture prevents screening the floor.
  3. Renew the floor’s finish by sanding or buffering the top layer. You can do it by using a fine steel wool or 12-grit screen. Ensure the evenness of the re-coating on the floor’s surface.
  4. Vacuum the floor again to remove any grit and dust. Smooth the surface by applying solvent with a piece of cloth.
  5. Apply a coat to obtain the same wood finish you now have. Apply it on a small area to test the finish. Does it peel? If it doesn’t, you can use it safely. Coat the edges and corners with a paintbrush and keep coating the rest of the floor using a foam pad applicator. Leave it to dry.

We know your time is valuable and DIY solutions aren’t for everyone. Best Buy Flooring Center can help with your hardwood flooring and carpet solutions. Call us today at 702-896-6060 if you’re in need of assistance. 

Tile, Laminated Flooring, and Carpet Installation Service

floor installation services

Best Buy Flooring Center will bring you peace of mind and transform your home to a castle. Our specialized teams can work with all floor installation services and flooring material including carpet, laminate, tile, and vinyl. We’ve been proudly servicing residential and commercial buildings in Las Vegas, if you’re ready to bring your home to the next level, Best Buy Las Vegas is your ideal choice.

If you have a special concept in your mind, we have the experience and equipment to translate it to reality.

Tile, Laminated Flooring, and Carpet Installation Service

Your floor needs tiling installation or replacement? Call our established company to help you solve that problem. Save time and money. Stop wasting time on DIY projects that will lead to more complications.

While DIY projects are great and can save you a lot money if you mess things up it will cost a lot more to fix it. There are talented tile installers out there, but we are licensed and insured, and most of all… we are organized.

Why not hire the people with experience and persistence to get things done, instead of leaving it to all pile up? Once you check this item off your list you’ll have more time to pursue things that you enjoy. Certainly, you’ll receive quality work in a short time. Most of all, you don’t need to worry about defects and beginner’s errors.

 We understand your needs.

Looking for a tile flooring installation service in Las Vegas can be a headache. But Best Buy Flooring is different than most. We have been in business for almost 25 years, we offer so many options, and help you decide what works best for you.

Choose Best Buy today and see the difference for yourself. Don’t waste your time with semi-professional handymen who will cause more damage than good, and charge you money for it. It’s outrageous!

We do the following services and more:

  • Rectified porcelain tile flooring
  • Slate tile flooring
  • Ceramic tile flooring
  • Limestone flooring
  • Marble tiles for flooring
  • Granite tile flooring

carpet installation services

Laminated Flooring Installation Service Las Vegas

Moving to a new house? Want to upgrade your home? You need laminate flooring as an added level of safety, and an edge.

We are specialists at doing it right the first time. No delay. No stalling. Call us today for a free quote. 

For years, we have been helping home owners upgrade their decor. We took responsibility and never failed to deliver the stellar results that they dreamed of, all at competitive prices.

We have a variety of options that you can choose from.

We’ll install your laminate floors ASAP. They are perfect for busy areas of the house with lots of heavy foot traffic, that’s why they are quite tough and durable.

We also offer great fincancing options!

Just give us a call and arrange an appointment. You’ll find out that laminate floor installation is fast, easy, and affordable, with us. Our laminate installers will help you figure out the perfect floor plan and we will help you determine that style that best suit your décor.

We’ll also provide professional help with measurements and pre-installation groundwork.

Carpeted Flooring Installation Service Las Vegas

Our catalogue is anything but average, our collection is something out of an art gallery. We bring a vast new selection of carpet designs from the smooth to the shaggy. We stock hundreds of patterns, prints, and textures.

All at your fingertips.

Our carpet installation service makes the carpets stain-proof. You’ll get the high value and luxurious feelings of owning the most durable carpets on the market.

Our pricing fits every budget, and we can create a personalized package for you. Seriously, the price you pay will return tenfold every time you walk on our carpet and smell how fresh it is and cushiony under your bare feet.

Bottom Line

We want to offer the services that you are hoping for, and a little more. We will be your number 1 choice when it comes to all your flooring needs.

Give us a call and we’ll take it from there. You’ll find our highly trained and selected by hand flooring installation service specialists to be dedicated to your full satisfaction.

The products we use come from the top brands in the industry. All our material is safe for children and pets, so you are sure that your loved ones are protected all the time.

Believe it or not: flooring is the best investment you can make to transform your home and make it envy-worthy.

Remember we are based in Las Vegas and we serve all the surrounding areas, so wherever you are in Las Vegas, we will come to you.